Interview: The cast of Monica S3 talk about “It is too hot to handle”

Catch up with Brenda Wairimu, Raymond Ofula, Joyce Maina, Fidel Maithya, Sam Komora and Ephy Saint as they discuss all things Monica S3

The long-awaited Monica S3 is finally streaming on Showmax, and no one is more excited than its main cast, who have been waiting for two years to pick up where they left off.

Created and produced by Scolly Cheruto (Twisted) and directed by Neil Schell (Rush, Saints), the Kalasha-nominated drama series follows Brenda Wairimu in the titular role of Monica, a girl from the ghetto who schemes her way to the top, threatening her love life, friendships and family bonds in the process.

Monica also stars veteran actor Raymond Ofula (Tomb Raider, Queen Sono) as Governor Robert Jiwe; Fidel Maithya (Selina, A Beautiful Disaster) as Bob Jiwe, the governor’s son who’s caught in a relationship turmoil; Joyce Maina (Aisha, Neophobia) as Vivian Jiwe, the governor’s daughter and resident spoilt brat; Sam Komora (Aisha) as Vivian’s love interest Mike; and Ephy Saint (Tahidi High) as Mariga, Monica’s one true love with no money to his name.

What’s coming in the new season?

While Monica struggles to fight for her place among the high and mighty, everyone is waiting to see what happens to her relationship with her childhood love Mariga and whether it will stand its biggest test yet.

But Ephy is optimistic about Mariga’s place in Monica’s life this season. “At first there was a lot of deception and grey areas but now he understands more of what his role is in her (Monica) life…and also the fact that he has fallen more in love with her. For some reason, he feels like she’s damaged and he wants to fix her,” he says.

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According to Fidel, Bob – Monica’s other love interest – isn’t lying low either, as his personal life and emotions take centre stage in season 3. After all, being the governor’s son, he’s Monica’s ticket to the good life she desires.

“It feels great to be back. There are some emotional bits in this coming season which were challenging to me as an actor, which I’ve embraced wholly,” Fidel says.

For Joyce Maina, fans can expect a more mature Vivian that is “completely different from the Vivian we see in season 1 and 2, even though some things still remain the same.”

In the final episode of season 2, Vivian’s secret relationship with Mike (Sam Komora) was discovered by her father, the Governor, who was not too happy to see his daughter dating the help.

It seems that the relationship survived the scare as the two now look to solidify their union in the new season. “The secret is out so there’s no more hiding. He (Mike) feels like he’s being accepted by the family…he has a better job, he’s graduated and he’s really going for what he wants and that’s Vivian,” Sam says.

Watch more from the cast and what to expect in season 3 in the video interview below:

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Catch the first two episodes of Monica S3 now on Showmax, with more episodes releasing weekly.

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