How To Move Your Chat History From WhatsApp To Telegram

Telegram application has gone from being a back banner app to one of the most used means of communication with a record of over 100million new users in January alone. With the dynamic nature of applications today, losing data and information is still a problem for many. Losing both individual and group chats could also cost you a fortune if you are operating without a back up plan to keep your videos, audios, photos and other data safe.

Telegram, launched in 2013, is now allowing users to transfer their chats from other messaging applications and you can now bring your chat history including videos and documents. Messages in all forms will be imported into the current day but will also include timestamps. For example, to move a chat from WhatsApp; Open a chat on WhatsApp, then tap the area right beside the profile picture of the contact. Tap export chat > select telegram in the share menu. Here are some of the pros after exporting chats;

 Secret Chat

Tap top bar of the user’s information > Tap the three buttons on the right corner > select secret chat option, then start.

Chats on Telegram are user-server encrypted and not user-to-user as WhatsApp and signal. To achieve total secrecy, you will have to enable ‘Secret Chat’. This are temporary and they do not get saved on its servers. Secret chat allows you to set a timer from one second to one week. Screenshots and screen recording is blocked by telegram for secret chats.

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Media moved to telegram will not occupy space on your phone unlike other applications. Videos, audios and messages will be stored in the cloud and the application will take up no space while accessing your messages. Users can also control storage space and cache size by tapping data and storage usage tab in settings.


You can now broadcast messages to a large group of people without limitation. Broadcast channels unlike groups messages sent out to people carry the channels name and not the individuals. In the case you also want to emphasis on important messages within the channel, you can pin the information by tapping on the message and selecting pin ensuring the message stays on the top of the channel.


Unlike other messaging applications, telegram allows you to delete messages sent by other users too. Select the message > tap on delete > also delete for sender > tap delete. This ensures the message is also deleted on their end.

You can also lock your chats on Telegram for your own privacy. Go to settings > privacy and security > passcode lock. You can lock and unlock chats by tapping on the lock icon on the top right of your application.

Gathoni Kuria

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