Crime and Justice Sarah Hassan and Alfred Munyua talk of how they have know each other for long

What are the odds? Crime and Justice detective partners Sarah Hassan and Alfred Munyua went to the same primary school in Machakos

They reveal more about playing detectives and working together.

Onscreen, this Crime and Justice detective duo couldn’t be more different. While Sarah Hassan is the dedicated, leave-no-stones-unturned Detective Makena, her co-star and detective partner Alfred Munyua is the by-the-book Detective Silas who prefers to wrap up cases as quickly as possible. They clash often on how to handle cases, and it doesn’t help that they start off on the wrong foot – with Silas obsessed with making Makena fetch his coffee, something that Makena turns into a running joke throughout the series.

In person, these two couldn’t be happier to work alongside each other. Praising Munyua as a “fantastic actor who makes it all easy”, Hassan admits to feeding off her co-star’s energy. “It’s great to find someone who pushes you and delivers the dialogue so amazingly that you also have to be in the moment to match up to where they are,” says Hassan. 

Munyua is equally enthusiastic about sharing screen time with Hassan. “She has a nice light with whatever she does. She comes into the room and everybody is just genuinely happy to see her and talk to her,” Munyua says. “It’s never a strain to ask her or tell her anything so it’s a very comfortable experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

In this video interview, they reveal how they harness their chemistry on screen. They also let us in on who’s the better detective, who has the best stories on set, the most annoying thing about the other person’s character and more, as well as a major reveal – that they were in the same primary school in Machakos!

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