Share your food moments in the LG’s Life’s Good Restaurant

Food enthusiasts in Kenya can now showcase their culinary prowess in an ongoing digital campaign by LG Electronics to show how life can be enhanced through the power of technology and social interaction.

The campaign dubbed “LG’s the Spot” is about making cooking and creativity in the kitchen more enjoyable, and has been launched in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kenya, Egypt and Turkey, featuring top chefs who will judge the entries.

In Kenya, LG has partnered with celebrity chef, Ali Mandhry and is inviting local foodies to visit “The Spot of Delicious” at LG’s “Life’s Good Restaurant” – a dedicated online portal where people can share images of their favorite dishes and the stories behind them.

Participants upload their favorite dishes to a digital feed showcasing all entries submitted. Chef Ali will then carefully select the three best dishes. Winners stand a chance to take home an LG Side by Side Refrigerator, Neo Chef SolarDOM Microwave, or a Neo Chef Convection Microwave, and enjoy a meal by Chef Mandhry.  

The “Life’s Good Restaurant” competition runs from April 14– May 7 2021, when three winners will be announced. Chef Ali will regularly upload content to his Instagram page during the entire campaign.

Whether baking banana bread at home, making baked feta pasta with friends, or grilling food under the stars with family, participants can narrate what makes the dish special to them and who it most reminds them of.

To participate, simply visit: and click on “Life’s Good Restaurant.” You can also post content on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, where must upload an image or video on their main feed alongside a caption to tell your story. The account must be made public and the post should include @lgeastafrica in the caption and the hashtag #FoodThatSlaps.

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Participants can then visit the site and simply follow the instructions on the “Life’s Good Restaurant” page to upload their link, essential for qualifying to enter the competition.

Similarly, one can participate by publishing a cooking or food-related video on YouTube and Vimeo, using the same hashtag (#FoodThatSlaps) in the caption. If posting on YouTube or Vimeo, entrants must share the link via the “Life’s Good Restaurant” page and provide a brief message about the story behind their chosen dish. 

Across Kenya, food enthusiasts enjoy visiting and ordering from street food vendors, family-owned eateries and fine dining establishments. An increasing number of people are seeking to prepare classic dishes at home and re-create restaurant-quality meals which bring back the fondest of memories, as they spend more time indoors due to health restrictions.

According to LG Electronic East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim, LG plans to launch more competitions during the year with interactive social themes like dancing and gaming.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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