Mizizi Africa homes has begun building homes based on client opinions

Mizizi Africa Homes has announced it has today begun to build responsive homes, allowing clients to take the lead role in coming up with ideas and inspiration to new housing designs. The developer is responding to changing dynamics in the housing design trends that has seen a complete shift in preferences for almost everything from the size of rooms, demand for extra space to accommodate work and leisure and generally the look and feel of the housing units.

“We are slowly moving away from the tradition where architects were approximating what clients want to a new dispensation that heavily relies on customer opinions,” said Mizizi Africa Homes Chief Executive Officer, George Mburu. He spoke during the ground-breaking Ceremony for its latest project, SSS Waiganjo Estate, along Kiganjo road exit 13 off Thika superhighway. SSS Waiganjo is a 16 unit project comprising 12 Bungalows and 4 Mansionette and is the companys first project to adapt a flat roof design.

The developer says there is a rise in demand for old-fashioned styles, art and crafts, organic and natural wall textures including those that have a rustic look. Other key features customers especially first time homeowners in the youth bracket want homes that offer the flexibility to accommodate work at home and a convertible space to unwind.

The developer has monitored these features through its digitised systems and is betting big on recently launched WhatsApp Chatbot to continue monitoring to get insights and documenting new trends to help its architectural team fine-tune its future plans.

“This is our new way of viewing things in line with our customer-first approach and we believe it will give our designers even better and clearer insights in coming with out of the box ideas to help us deliver beyond our customers expectations,” said Mburu. SSS Waiganjo is an exquisite 5 Bedroom Mansion with a spacious master bedroom, a separate dining, large lounge and elegant fully-fitted and customizable kitchen. It also comes with large windows and will have lush and expansive mature gardens. All the 16 units have been fully sold out and construction has started in earnest. The projects will be completed within the next 10 to 12 months.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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