Try some of these six online services that will make your life easier

We’re living in the golden age of technology and almost anything can be found online — from doctors to schooling, logistics to cleaning. But not everyone is aware of exactly what’s available so we’ve put together this handy list of six online services you may not have known you can find online in Kenya.

  1. Meal kits

Meals kits have been gaining popularity all over the world — partly because we’re becoming more conscious of what we eat, but also because we’re all busier than ever. These kits come with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to take the guesswork — and that age-old troubling question of what to have for dinner (!) — out of cooking. The next time you have a date night or feel like recreating restaurant-style meals at home, visit TryCooked and choose from their numerous recipes. They’ll deliver all the ingredients fresh, prepped and portioned; all you’ll have to do is cook. No more worrying about what to cook for dinner!

  1. Doctors

Visits to the doctor’s office are often accompanied by dread and a fear of the unknown. And while the thought of changing doctors compounds this fear, sometimes situations arise that force us to see different health professionals from the ones we’re used to. Vezeeta allows you to search for doctors for your specific ailment, compare their rates and even see their ratings according to other patients. Once you find one you like, you can make an in-person appointment or a teleconsultation — all within the same app. 

  1. On-demand cleaning
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Doing household chores is one part of being an adult that doesn’t seem to get easier with age. Many of us wonder if there is a whole other secret family living in our homes because the laundry basket is always overflowing and the sink never seems to be empty.

Because you shouldn’t have to spend all your free time cleaning, SweepSouth offers on-demand cleaning services, with reliable pre-vetted domestic workers (SweepStars) coming to your home once you’ve booked a clean. Your house will be sparkling in no time, and you won’t have to lift a finger. For added convenience, parents have the option to select a trusted SweepStar with childcare experience.

  1. After-school classes

If you have children, you are likely familiar with the dilemma of how to occupy them over the weekends and school holidays. And with the pandemic, you might feel like all they do is watch TV since there’s nowhere to go. Kidato offers fun after-school activities including chess, debate club, coding, sketching and even learning new languages for kids aged 4 –18. Your child will gain a new skill, while still staying safe as the classes are virtual. 

  1. Tenders

The process of acquiring tenders, both for government and private institutions, is shrouded in mystery and access is often cited as a challenge. However, Scale is changing this by not only giving everyone access to tenders, but also sharing useful information on how to be prepared for the tender process. You can find tender opportunities, apply, and track your tenders from the comfort of your home. 

  1. Logistics
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Not all logistics options are created equally; some make it much easier to connect with a driver. Amitruck is one such option, serving all cargo needs for both individuals and businesses. Once you request delivery, nearby drivers bid and you have the freedom to pick your preferred driver depending on their prices and ratings from previous customers. The best part? You cut out the middleman and only deal directly with the driver transporting your goods. 

While new online services are springing up every other day, these six are hidden gems that can save both time and money. 

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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