SEACOM launches SD-WAN services in Kenya to enable digital transformation

Leading pan-African ICT service provider SEACOM is expanding its software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) services to Kenyan businesses, offering reduced connectivity costs, increased security, agility, and local support to customers. SD-WAN will allow businesses to transform their networks into smart, intelligent, and be cloud-ready. It simplifies the management and operation of an enterprise’s networks by using centralized software to control the connections and services between data centers, computers, and cloud-based servers.

 “If you want to create more resilient branch networking operations, dynamically adjust to changing conditions, and empower the business transformation and business continuity, SD-WAN can help,” explained Tonny Tugee, the Managing Director at SEACOM East and North East Africa.

Tonny said SEACOM has partnered with leading global organizations to provide Kenyan customers with modern and secure networking capabilities. With SD-WAN, businesses will have the flexibility to use dynamic rule sets that route certain data traffic through either cheaper or more reliable transport routes. During network failures or downtime, it can also ensure that traffic is automatically rerouted so that businesses don’t experience the negative effects of a break in connectivity. SD-WAN is designed for applications hosted in different environments, including on-premise data centers, public or private clouds, or SaaS platforms, so businesses can expect improved speed. It also offers real-time visibility into application traffic and performance to ensure session quality of business-critical applications.

 With the increased global adoption of cloud applications, mobile workforces, and voice and video communications becoming the new norm, traditional networks have been placed under significant pressure to meet increasing demands.  Meaning continuous use of legacy network solutions can easily lead to exorbitant transport costs, poor end-user experience, security vulnerabilities, and unsuitable management capabilities. Network administrators can use SD-WAN to optimize bandwidth usage by dynamically routing different kinds of traffic through different transport routes to reduce usage costs, improve application efficiency, and strengthen network security.

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Enock Bett

Digital Media Enthusiast|Tech, Business, Corporate Affairs, Politics, and Governance. [No Modes] EMAIL: [email protected]

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