Crown Paints unveil Granite finish paint for multiple surfaces

Crown Paints has launched a new generation of environment-friendly, water-proof and high efficiency stone imitation paint in the market. The new product targets contractors, quantity surveyors, architects and home owners who desire a premium finish without mining many stone mountains and saving natural resources.

Crown Paints Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rakesh Rao said the launch of granite finish paint was timely as the country is experiencing an increase in residential and commercial projects. Dr. Rao said the product will tap into the country’s growing property market as it offers multiple surfaces application.

“Many Kenyan consumers are consistently looking out for unique paint solutions for their homes or projects that are more affordable yet stand out”, Dr. Rao explained.

Data from the 2021 Economic Survey covering the 2020 calendar year showed the country’s construction industry registered a double digit growth rate of about 12 percent as the sector remained largely interrupted despite the prevailing corona virus pandemic.

Granite countertops, slabs and tiles have become a popular way of bringing natural beauty, character and style into people’s homes. Dr. Rao however, said natural granite was quite expensive, heavy and requires a lot of care to remain appealing. “We’ve introduced new Crown natural granite finish paint which is 100 percent alternative to granite”, Dr. Rao argued.

The NSE listed company boss said high end Germany technology was employed to achieve granite effect which can be applied on almost any surface. The paint is also exceptionally good for both interior and exterior surfaces which provide granite like finish at a lower cost.

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The new product comes in a four pack paint system which includes undercoat, granite flakes, bonding agent and a silicone topcoat. The paint is water and dust resistant, retains color, bridges cracks, and is non-combustible. It is specially designed to care for the environment as it has low volatile organic compounds with no added heavy metals such as chrome, mercury and lead.

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