5 cool ways to give your a home a breath of fresh air

With warmer days here and more light flooding into our homes, things can look a bit tired and drab, so it’s time for a gentle refresh. A few simple decor ideas — new accessories, a lick of paint, and gorgeous blooms — can breathe life back into your home. Be inspired by these suggestions from SweepSouth CEO Aisha Pandor, and let the new season in! 

Pretty touches

Accessorise your home to welcome sunny weather. Nature-inspired prints are big in home decor now, with floral cushions being the easiest way to refresh your lounge and bedroom. Bright floral tablecloths and napkins also help set the scene perfectly. 

Another pretty touch is to group vintage teacups, vases or bowls with flower designs on a shelf or table. Mix and match them with pastel-hued crockery, and add a glass tumbler filled with brightly coloured flowers. A quick cheat? Have everlasting summer on display with faux flowers — there are such good quality ones on the market, no one will know!

Arrange flowers

Who can resist beautiful blooms? Give gorgeous flower arrangements a little extra creative touch to allow them to take centre stage. Arrange the flowers in cut glass vases, and place them near a window where the light can bounce off the glass. It’s a simple idea, but looks stunning. 

If you don’t have a lot of vases, use what you already own to arrange flowers. Fill your favourite china or jugs with seasonal flowers – you can even use a pretty teapot without its lid! To create a decorative floral item, transform old jam jars by lining the inside of each with pretty paper, like printed paper serviettes or wrapping paper. Put battery-operated fairy lights inside and use the jars as sparkling table decorations once you start dining al fresco.

Paint it up

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Colour is a big trend in decor this summer, and it’s so easy to bring in with just a coat of paint. To choose a shade that suits the moment, check out Pantone’s Spring 2021 Fashion Colour Trend Report. The report is used by fashion and decor stylists alike for inspiration, and this year’s shades are illustrative of nature, with comforting, relaxing colours like a crisp cerulean blue, which is meant to recall the sky on a sunny day. Consider painting your bedroom or a bathroom in this soothing shade. The report also lists warm off-white as a trendy choice for the kitchen, while a bright pop of raspberry sorbet will uplift your mood when used to paint a feature wall.

A feature wall can also be created using wallpaper, with botanicals, geometrics and textured designs all stylish choices this season. Consider hiring a professional if you aren’t well-versed in putting up wallpaper, though, as it can be a very tricky process. Check out SweepSouth’s easy-to-use Connect app for a list of trusted, expert professionals who can help you transform your room.

Refresh your curtains

Breathe new life into your lounge and bedroom curtains by vacuuming them, paying special attention to pelmets where dust silently gathers. If you have a steamer, give curtains a once over for a better finish. Another way to spruce them up is to take them down, remove the hooks and tumble dry them with a damp towel to get rid of dust. If they’re really dirty, you’ll need to get them dry cleaned.

Summery home scents

Invite the sweet smell of summer into your home by having fragrant flowers arranged around the house. Buy a bunch of scented flowers, like freesias, hyacinths, sweet peas, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley, and break the bunch up into smaller posies. Fill unused glass jars with water and tie brightly coloured ribbon around the bases, then arrange the posies in the jars and place them in every room of the house.

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Nothing says “summer” like pretty pops of colour and beautiful scents, so even if you just light a lavender-scented candle and place a jar of brightly coloured flowers on your dining table, it will feel as if you’re welcoming this most beautiful of seasons into your home.

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