A day in the life of Gen Z and Millennial Spotify users in Kenya

From the viral Odi dance move and the Kalale challenge to local artists like Femi One and notable choreographers like Tileh Pacbro exploding onto the international stage, Kenya’s dance and music scene is setting the world on fire at a time when Afrobeats has risen to international popularity and is influencing global music styles. 

With a melting pot of diverse and vibrant cultures influencing traditional and modern art, clothing, and dance stylings, it’s clear that music is intrinsically linked to Kenya’s identity, culture, and heritage. As the rest of the globe takes a dip into the country’s most popular (or viral) dance moves and music, let’s dive into the music that ordinary Kenyans between the ages of 15 and 25 are listening and dancing to throughout their day according to the most popular Spotify playlists in the country.

When Kenyan users wake up, they like to start their morning with playlists like Wake Up Happy or Soft Morning, then get ready for the day ahead by listening to Songs to Sing in the Shower. The playlist that gets people into grind mode, be it for a school or workday, is Brain Food. Then Kenyans turn to soft, mellow playlists like Your Coffee Break for some chill time. 

The early risers prefer to get going with Morning Motivation and by lunchtime when they are feeling a little exhausted from being up so early, they turn to Energy Booster: Hip Hop. To wind down the day, Chilled R&B comes into play. 

Data for listener behaviour on the platform in Kenya shows that the top three most played playlists in the country are Mood Booster, Happy Hits and Songs to Sing in the Shower, with all three gaining significant streams. Interestingly, seven out of the ten most popular playlists are filled with feel-good, motivating and happy songs that will uplift even the grumpiest of spirits, while the other three cater to those times when you’re in your feels — like Sad Songs and Alone Again.

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With playlists to suit any and every mood, Kenyans are enjoying the variety of music from all over the world to keep them company as they go about their day. You’re having a not so great day? Put on an Energy Booster playlist to get you pumped up. Are you at home late at night on a Saturday and missing being out with your friends? Time to turn on that 04:00 AM Groove playlist to get your party on. 

The audio streaming service currently has more than 70 million tracks and over 2.9 million podcast titles on its platform which users can manage and share for free. Spotify also offers a number of unique features to its Premium users, including the ability to download and listen to music offline without any ads via a number of subscription, account and payment options such as Spotify Free, Premium Mini, Individual, Duo and Family. Its Premium account options range from 49 Ksh per week to 479 Ksh per month. 

Since launching in Kenya, Spotify has added features to its platform like Group Session (allowing groups of up to five Premium users to tune into the same playlist on their own devices) and Blend (which provides Free and Premium users the ability to share their favourite music with a partner, friend, or family member through a personalised playlist matching two users’ listening preferences). 

At a time when we have all been isolated for so long, our audio experiences are a way for us to share moments together. The ability to create an emotionally resonant playlist together through the platform’s collaborative features means users get the feeling of being together even in moments when they are apart.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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