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There are three clear camps when it comes to Valentine’s Day – those people who are dating and so look forward to the day, the ones who have been heartbroken and would rather fast forward through the day, and then those for whom it’s just a day like any other. 

Below are the top Valentine’s Day playlists in Kenya that all three camps can enjoy. 


100 Best African Love Songs 

This playlist has the best love songs from the continent from the 2000s to date, and everyone can enjoy them, while reminiscing where they were when a specific song was released. 


If you’d rather listen to love songs from the city and discover some new music while at it, then this should be on your list. 


Whether you’ve just started dating or are married, there’s nothing like a good playlist to hype you up as you get ready to go out on a date. Or perhaps you and your partner have decided to have a romantic night in, and you would rather listen to some slow jams. Here are four playlists on Spotify that you are bound to enjoy:

90s Love Songs

Everybody says the 90’s had the best music, so why not find out for yourself?

Country Kind of Love

Something about the slow rhythm of country love songs just makes you feel like all you need is love.

80s Love Songs

If the 90’s aren’t really your jam, then get into some 80’s songs – melodic and guaranteed to stir up emotion. 

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Bedroom Jams

Slow dance to these songs to get you in the mood, after a romantic dinner. 


Valentine’s Day is tough if you’ve just ended a relationship, and all you see on your Instagram feed and down the street are happy couples. You’re not alone – there’s a reason that these three playlists below are in the top Valentine’s Day playlists:

Sad Songs

Because sometimes you’d rather just wallow for a while before you stop feeling sorry for yourself. 

Alone Again

If you are still figuring out how to be alone again after a relationship that didn’t work out, then these are the songs to listen to. 

Heartbreak Hotel

For when you are deep in the motions of heartbreak, unsure of whether to move on or get back together with them. 

Just chilling

So, you couldn’t care less about February 14, and are having a normal day either alone or with friends? These three playlists will make the night better.

All The Feels 

For when you want to remember what it was like to be dating, but don’t actually want to date anyone. 


You might think this means bae, the slang for babe, but instead it means Before Anything Else, aka listen to this hip hop and R&B playlist and put yourself first! 

Spotify & Chill

Enjoy a chill night alone or with friends while vibing to this playlist. 

Wherever you feel, and whatever you will be doing on February 14th, there is definitely a Spotify playlist you can jam to. 

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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