Double finale as Single Kiasi and Crime and Justice come to an end

It’s a double finale for Kenyan Showmax Originals as Crime and Justice S2 and Single Kiasi both come to an end this week. Kicking off the finale is Crime and Justice with “The Whistleblower”, its eighth episode, which is now streaming.
Written by Lanfia Wal and directed by Likarion Wainaina (Supa Modo, Salem), “The Whistleblower” sees Makena (Sarah Hassan) and Silas (Alfred Munyua) race against time to solve a major conspiracy that has been looming over them for months. During their investigations, they are forced to confront an ugly truth in the police force, as a series of gang murders leads them back to the death of a trusted colleague. 

The two detectives finally solve the mystery of who’s been trying to kill them. Well, sort of, because the season’s end alludes to an even bigger conspiracy than they could ever imagine – a cabal of enforcers who exercise their own vigilante justice to rid the city of criminals deserving of their wrath.

“We’re dealing with a well-connected organisation, taking matters into their own hands, from kidnapping, terrorism, assassinations. They’ve got their hands everywhere, from judges, government officials, even police officers right here in our precinct. Who can we trust?” Police Chief Kebo (Maqbul Mohammed) says.

The finale also welcomes Lenana Kariba (Single Kiasi) as William Sande, a charming detective from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit brought in to help with the case. Even though famous for his exemplary detective work, Sande’s mysterious past sets him on a collision course with Silas as he (Sande) and Makena rekindle their romance.
Other guest stars in this episode include singer and actress Chantelle (Subira), entertainment consultant Brian Msafiri, who makes his acting debut, Sam Psenjen (Sincerely Daisy, Mission to Rescue) and Morning After and Njoro wa Uba writer Brian Munene.

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Binge all eight episodes of Crime and Justice S2 on Showmax, from “The Death Squad” to “The Taxi Killer” to “A Killer Date” to “Slaughterhouse” to “The Death of an Activist” to “The Slaying of an Australian Billionaire” to “Miracle” and finally “The Whistleblower.” 

Watch Crime and Justice episode 8 trailer:

Also binge all 13 episodes of Single Kiasi from Thursday 14 April as the drama series wraps up what has been a fun and dramatic look at dating in Nairobi. Expect a major cliffhanger that throws uncertainty on Sintamei’s (Gathoni Mutua), Mariah’s (Minne Kariuki) and Rebecca’s (Faith Kibathi) love lives. 

And if you’re looking for a new Kenyan show to watch, Salem, the brand-new telenovela from Maisha Magic Plus, is also available to stream on Showmax, with new episodes released every Monday.

Starring Mumbi Maina (The Matrix Resurrections, Nafsi), Melvin Alusa (Mission to Rescue, Crime and Justice), Foi Wambui (Sincerely Daisy, Morning After) and Bryan Kabugi (Machachari, Kina), Salem follows two different families whose worlds collide after a botched hijacking attempt setting their lives on a downward spiral. On one side are the wealthy Mufasas in the high-end neighbourhood of Karen; on the other end, in the high density and chaotic Salem, are the humble Karanis.


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