Kenya Innovation Bridge Platform Endorsed by Nakuru County Leadership

Nakuru County Leadership recently endorsed the Kenya Innovation Bridge platform during the Rift Valley Block Launch, held at Nakuru Box Premises in Nakuru County. The event, which was organized by the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA), the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), @iBizAfrica-Strathmore University, and Nakuru Box, aimed to introduce and onboard innovators, institutions, and investors onto the platform.

The Kenya Innovation Bridge is a platform developed by KeNIA and funded by the FCDO. Its purpose is to increase the discoverability of innovations and connect the existing and emerging innovations in Kenya to a virtual marketplace. The platform provides linkages to investments/partnerships and capacity-building opportunities that can transform the innovations into commercially viable products and businesses, thereby contributing to job creation and overall economic growth of the country.

During the launch event, Ms. Veronica Njiiri, Nakuru County trade representative, lauded the efforts of the Agency and the UK Government in developing a platform that would support young people and their innovative ideas. In her remarks, Ms. Njiiri acknowledged the numerous innovative solutions that the innovators in the region have been working on and she affirmed the Nakuru County Government’s continuing support to the youth through the Governor, H.E Governor Susan Kihika’s office. She urged the youth in Nakuru County to embrace the opportunity by joining the platform. “Great ideas come from within us, and as the county government, we want to ensure that the youth can fully prosper through innovation,” she said.

Representing KeNIA during the Launch, George Masila, the Communications and Partnership Lead, outlined the numerous projects that KeNIA is currently engaged in and revealed the Agency’s plans to convert the existing youth empowerment centers in all counties into innovation and incubation centers. He emphasized that the Kenya Innovation Bridge will work to bridge the inclusivity gap by ensuring innovators in the whole country get access to funds, partnerships, and customers for their innovations. “KeNIA with the support of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and The Arts is keen to ensure innovators from all regions of the country get exposure through this platform and for this reason, we will hold regional launches in the Lake and Coastal regions in the coming weeks,” he said.

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The launch of the platform was also attended by George Wayne, Founder of Nakuru Box, who commended the initiative by KENIA, stating “This is an initiative that will help promote local entrepreneurs as it focuses on the youth as their target users mostly for capacity building, capital boost, and mentorship. It will be impactful to society as it will also create job opportunities as well as give motivation to students and anyone willing to start a business. We will work together as an innovation hub with the partners and implementers to make sure the platform does its due course as the youth is the hope of our future.”

The Kenya Innovation Bridge platform has received endorsement from Nakuru County Leadership, which signifies the County’s commitment to supporting young people in the region. The platform aims to bridge the gap between innovation and commercial viability, creating jobs, and contributing to overall economic growth. The Kenya National Innovation Agency and its partners will continue to roll out the platform to other regions, ensuring that innovators from all parts of the country get access to funds, partnerships, and customers for their innovations.

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