About US

CheteNET.com is derived from Swahili word Chete which loosely translates to market place. This is because the primary purpose of CheteNET.com is to gather and publish news and commentaries that directly affect Kenya’s business environment, be they business, political, lifestyle, financial, technological or scientific news.

The team at CheteNET.com is not primarily concerned with breaking the news, although once in awhile we may break some news that have great importance to the business environment. Our primary focus is to have an opinion on the news of the day, put out some commentary, or do thorough analysis on business, financial, political or scientific figures that are relevant to the topics of the day.

The purpose for focusing on opinions, commentary and analysis is so that we can digest then compare and contrast day to day happenings in order to simplify the world to our readers. We strive to break down the complexities of business, politics, lifestyle, science and technology so that our readers can have the opportunity to look at the same trending topics from different angles.

We hope that by doing this you will find our platform enjoyable and lovable.