Twitter’s fleets feature unwelcomed, users tell Jack| #RIPTwitter

Twitter has announced its plans to roll out a new feature on the platform called Twitter Fleets. This one is similar to the stories feature on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp that lets you post updates that disappear in 24 hours. I’m told Snapchat has the same feature, I’ve personally never moved anywhere close to installing that application ever since it was launched.

The fleets which were first tested in Brazil do not receive likes, retweets or replies, however, if the users you’re viewing their fleets allow direct messages, then you can reply to them directly into their inboxes. Just like it is on Instagram, anybody can view your fleets regardless of whether you follow each other or not. To view the fleets, you swipe down and to move to the next user’s fleets, one swipes to the left.

Users will be able to add multiple fleets in the form of texts or media content like photos, GIFs, and videos but are not editable, considering Twitter has no edit button. The videos added can go up to a length of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, while those, Twitter considers as credible users will be able to add fleet videos that can go up to 10 minutes in length.

Users around the World have however taken to the platform through hashtag #RIPTwitter to tell the firm they don’t want and will not use the feature once rolled. Many users who consider Twitter as a ‘refuge’ after ‘fleeing’ the other social media platforms have regretted the move saying there will not be any difference between Twitter and Facebook. Some of the users, however, do not use Twitter considering its public nature which often leads to cyberbullying and online abuse that one is not able to control. Twitter hopes the fleets will allow them to share their thoughts without fear.

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The new feature comes at a time Twitter CEO is facing criticism from some of the investors. A notorious American investment management firm, Elliott Management Corporation has been reported to have acquired a sizable amount of Twitter’s stake and now wants to push major changes which include the ousting of the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.

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