The Ngunjiri Petition against Judge Maraga is a Jubilee’s orchestrated Game Plan?

Politicians make mistakes, sometimes fatal ones. Kalonzo Musyoka made his when two days to August 8th General Elections he said that Mt. Kenya will lie low. Raila made his in Kajiado when he said those who want to buy land in Kajiado have their homes too, and he continues to make a grave one whenever he says there will be no election on October 17th – whatever that is supposed to mean. Uhuru Kenyatta too made his by calling Judge Maraga mkora and threatening to deal with him after Judge Maraga and co made a determination that August 8th Presidential Election was invalid, null and void.

That mistake by President Uhuru Kenyatta cost him any votes he might have got in Nyamira and Kisii. I say any because the votes reported that he may have got in those two counties on August 8th are questionable, given that the electoral commission did not follow the law and procedures in arriving at those numbers. After he made that grave mistake and NASA took advantage of the mistake to consolidate the Nyamira and Kisii support, President Kenyatta appeared apologetic by telling a few Kisii and Nyamira elders and political point men that he was just angry, and that as someone whose ‘cow’ was stolen by Judge Maraga and co, he had a right to vent his anger.

The apology however seem not to be working the intended magic, and so a plan had to be hatched to make Uhuru Kenyatta the savior of Judge Maraga. In the new plan, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu had to file a petition to the Judicial Service Commission asking the Commission to investigate Judge Maraga on a number of allegations, allegations that Wambugu contend forced Judge Maraga to nullify the August 8th Presidential Election.

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After Ngunjiri Petition has been lodged, the Jubilee Party would distant itself from the petition, with Jubilee members and sympathizers going to the media to state that the Petition must be the work of Uhuru supporter who wants to show his support by helping Uhuru make true his threat to “deal with Judge Maraga”.

The next step in the plan, as being explained by individuals such as Faith Mutembei and Steve M’Kenya, both NASA supporters, is for President Uhuru to disown the Maraga Petition and ask Ngunjiri to withdraw it immediately. Ngunjiri will then hold a press conference to ask for forgiveness and state that he was misadvised. In the meantime, Uhuru Kenyatta will rush to Nyamira and Kisii and tell the residents of Gusii land that he has saved their son from being lynched by Ngunjiri and others who had been planning evil against Judge Maraga.

Actually according to Steve M’Kenya, this script has been played before by Uhuru Kenyatta. He wrote that Uhuru Kenyatta and Kiraitu Murungi “conspired with the Mogadishu-Somali government to ban Miraa after Munya visited Hargeisa in Somaliland to lobby expanded Miraa market. Uhuru went to Mogadishu a week later and reversed the ban. He and Kiraitu became heroes of a problem they had created.”

The game plan by Jubilee to push for Judge Maraga Petition and later disown it (Jubilee party has already distanced itself from the Petition), is meant to allow NASA condemn Jubilee and Ngunjiri, but when the President finally saves Judge Maraga from the Petition, no one will remember that he ever called Judge Maraga mkora, and so he wins.

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But what if the Petition is sponsored by NASA? Remember Ngunjiri Wambugu was a Raila insider in the 2012/2013 campaigns and left ODM in 2014.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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